The Great Lakes Carriage Classic Trophies & Awards

High Point and Reserve High Point Welsh
Donated by Tri-County Carriage Association
Awarded to highest point and reserve highest point Welsh Pony or Horse. Breed papers must be submitted to qualify and must show equine to be at least 50% Welsh.
2 Ribbons

TCCA High Point Champion and Reserve Champion
Donated by Tri-County Carriage Association
Awarded to highest point and reserve highest point competitor at the show.
2 Ribbons

William M. Remley Memorial Trophy
Donated by the Remley Family
A founding member of the American Driving Society and the driving force and heart of Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition. This Trophy will be presented to the Concours D'Elegance winner. The essence of this competition is the word elegance and the winner will be the turnout exhibiting the most elegance through the competition.
Judges' opinion.

     2017   Gerben Steenbeek
     2018   Courtney MacGillivray-LaChance
     2019   Courtney MacGillivray-LaChance

Helen Southgate Memorial Trophy
Donated by Jane Southgate
Helen Southgate travelled extensively throughout Canada and the United States showing Hackney Ponies. This award is presented to the Welsh (at least 50%) accumulating the most points during the GLCC.

     2017   Laurie Bruder
     2018   Mary Baillie
     2019   Laurie Bruder

The Great Lakes Carriage Classic Trophy for Para/Cool/SN Division
Donated by Urban Elevators Inc
Awarded to the Para/Cool/SN that accumulated the most points at the GLCC.

     2018   Kerry Bridge
     2019   Not awarded

Kendalwood Farm Friesian Champion Trophy
Donated by Friends of Kendalwood Farm
PJ and Tara Miliziano-Crowley have been involved in carriage driving for many years. Located in Zionsville, PA, they have been involved in the purchase, training and rehabilitation of driving horses and the training of countless drivers. Both have competed successfully throughout NA and have a special fondness for the Friesian Horse.
Award given to Friesian or Friesian Cross that has highest cumulative score at the GLCC.

     2019   Klaas Steenbeek
     2021   Klaas Steenbeek

Audrey Bostwick Memorial Trophy
Donated by Premier Equine Services and Greg Dunn
Audrey Bostwick was a founding member of the ADS. She served as licensed judge, steward and technical delegate specializing in Pleasure Driving, Hunter/ Jumper and Equitation and Side Saddle. Audrey was the Pleasure Judge at the inaugural GLCC in 2017 and served as GLCC show volunteer yearly until her death in 2022. As a teacher, Audrey encouraged youth and it is fitting that her trophy will be awarded for the first time in 2022 to the Youth who accumulates the most points at the GLCC.

Tri-County Carriage Association High Point Trophy
Donated by Hawksview Farms.
This trophy is given to the competitor who achieves the highest cumulative score from all eligible classes at The Great Lakes Carriage Classic.

     2017   Jackie Shute
     2018   Mary Baillie
     2019   Laurie Bruder
     2021   Megan Sorensen