Tri-County Awards
Every member is eligible !


This perpetual trophy was donated in 2013 by Halton Equine Veterinary Services. The trophy replaces the Golden Whip Award and is to be presented yearly to the TCCA member, who has achieved the highest composite score in that year's show season. To calculate scores: A score is given for each class in which a competitor places in the top five.  Seven points are given for a first place ribbon, 5points for second, 3points for third, 2 points for fourth and 1 point for fifth. Individual scores are multiplied by the number of competitors in each particular class. A competitor's composite score is obtained by totaling all the individual class scores for that particular competitor. In 2013 the award was won by Wendy Inch.


This perpetual award is given in memory of Dr. House by his family.  It is given yearly to a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the organization through their volunteer activities.  The winner is determined by the board. To date the recipients have included Sue Nichols, Jean McLean, Ross and Avril Brown and Barb Bowen and Al Brick.


This new award was kindly donated by Hawksview Farms in 2013. The award is presented to the TriCounty Carriage Association member who best demonstrates the Spirit of TCCA. The successful candidate should show enthusiasm, sportsmanship and interest in the sport of carriage driving.  They must show a desire to be a positive influence to others. The recipient can be a volunteer, competitor, social driver or any combination. The winner is chosen by the board. In 2013 Agneta Knight was the winner.   


 It is to be given to the winner of the junior division or a member as decided on by the board.  It is being given to encourage youth involvement and will permit further development of a young driver's experience. The nature of the award will be decided yearly by the board. In 2013 the winner was Lauren H

2016 Results

High Point Champion                                    Anne Marie Anderson

Reserve High Point Champion                     Alvin Hayes

Dr. House Volunteer Award                          Terry Wilkes

TCCA Spirit Award                                       Georgina Rattray

Division Award:

Horse                                                           Anne Marie Anderson

Utility                                                            Ken Armstrong

2015 Results

High Point Champion                                        Bob Hanenberg

Dr. House Volunteer Award                            Mercelle Grimes

TCCA Spirit Award                                           Vikki Cork

Junior Development Award                             Amy & Megan Johnson

Divisional Winners
Small Pony                                                             Bob Hanenberg

Horse                                                                     Dr. Ken Armstrong

Drivers with a Disability                                      Magda Michalik
Tenderfoot, Large or Junior                               Georgina Rattray 


2014 Results

High Point Champion                                        Janice Elgersman

Reserve High Point Champion                        Jackie Shute

Dr. House Volunteer Award                            Valerie Williams

TCCA Spirit Award                                             Debbie Hewson

Concours d’Elegance                                          Mary Baillie

Junior Development Award                             Sarah Shute and Hannah Ayers

OEF “People Make A Difference”                        Jean McLean

Divisional Winners
Small Pony                                                             Mary Baillie

Large Pony                                                             Janice Elgersman

Horse                                                                       Alvin Haves
Multiple, Tenderfoot, Junior                             Did not meet eligibility criteria

Congratulations to all our competitors !!