Conditioning the Driving Horse


April 7th, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Patty Carley, Clinician - Alberta

TCCA & OCDA  Joint Virtual Education Seminar


APRIL 7TH WEBINAR FEATURING PATTY CARLEY Clinician: Patty Carley, Red Deer County, Alberta Date: Wednesday April 7th Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm Eastern Daylight Time Cost: $10 for webinar including the handouts via email $10 for the download of the seminar whether person attends the webinar or not Distribution via email If they want the download on stick and mailed it is extra $10 One copy of the download to Patty Carley but she will not distribute it unless the $10 is charged. Profit: to be evenly distributed between the Alberta Carriage Driving Association and Tri-County Carriage Association Expenses: Virtual Technical Assistance 1.promotion 2. running of virtual event including entry of participants, hosting duties and questions editing of talk and presentation of download of event Provided by Premier Equine Services $250 Patty Carley to provide: 1. Her information including driving experience 2. Handouts to be distributed prior to the event to the paid participant 3. Ad that was used the last time for the Alberta event Aim to get information out on the website, via email and email to the last clinic participants over the March 27/28 weekend. Facebook and other venues will be explored by Premier Equine Services and the TCCA facebook group.